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Sahi Hai Hip Hop Flask 300 ml

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Elevate your drinking experience with our Sahi Hai Pure Copper Flask — a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury as you savor your favorite beverages from this meticulously crafted copper masterpiece.


  1. Pure Elegance: Crafted from 100% pure copper, our flask is a testament to timeless beauty and sophistication. The warm, lustrous glow of copper adds a touch of opulence to your every sip.
  2. Exceptional Craftsmanship: Our flasks are handcrafted by skilled artisans who pour their expertise into every detail. The result is a work of art that transcends the ordinary, making each flask a unique expression of perfection.
  3. Temperature Perfection: Experience the magic of temperature control with our copper flask. Whether you crave a piping hot drink on a winter day or a refreshingly cold beverage in the summer, our flask ensures your drink stays at the perfect temperature.
  4. Leak-Proof Seal: Designed for your convenience, our flask features a secure, leak-proof seal. Toss it into your bag or carry it on your outdoor adventures — enjoy your drink without worrying about spills.
  5. Versatile Companion: Perfect for any occasion, our copper flask is a versatile companion. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a day out, it’s the ideal accessory to add a touch of luxury to your lifestyle.


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