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Sahi Hai Stainless Steel Insulated Rust Proof Cocktail Shaker

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This is a durable and rust-resistant cocktail shaker made of stainless steel. It is insulated to keep drinks cold and prevent condensation. The shaker has a built-in strainer and a tight-fitting lid, making it easy to use and clean.

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This cocktail shaker is made of stainless steel, which is a durable and rust-resistant material. The shaker is insulated, which means that it will keep your drinks cold for longer periods of time. The insulation also helps to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the shaker, which can make it difficult to grip.

The shaker is designed for mixing cocktails and other drinks, and features a built-in strainer that helps to remove any ice or other solids from your drink. The shaker also has a tight-fitting lid that seals in your ingredients and prevents spills.

Overall, this cocktail shaker is a high-quality and functional tool for any home bartender or professional mixologist. Its stainless steel construction and insulation make it durable and long-lasting, while its built-in strainer and lid make it easy to use and clean.


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